Travel through Germany for only 99 cents with BlaBlaBus app

BlaBlaBus app gives you a great opportunity to travel through Germany for an affordable price, which you cannot find at any other application ever.

You can now travel through Germany with this app for only 99 cents, which is something unbelievable, and you will enjoy your ride with this app by buses.

The most amazing features of BlaBlaBus app:

  • By using this app, you can get your ticket to anywhere you want to go without wasting your time because it only takes a few minutes to have your e-ticket.
  • This amazing app has more than 15,000 connections in Germany.
  • You can access the bus easily by following some steps, such as arriving before the departure time with 15 minutes, you must have your passport and e-ticket with you.
  • The app always sends your seat number one hour before departure to make sure that you will know where you will seat when you arrive at the bus.

How to use BlaBlaBus ?

  1. After installing the app, you will need to choose your Departure place, Arrival place, outbound date, Return date, and then you will have to choose the number of travelers and their ages too.
BlaBlaBus app
  1. You will see that there are many results show up to you, and you need to choose the most suitable one of them by checking its details.
  1. When you reach the perfect option, you will need to press “action”, and then you will be able to book your journey easily in a few minutes by clicking on “book this journey”.

Note: If you change your mind, and you want to cancel your ticket, it will be easy too by choosing the section “My Tickets”, and then you will need to enter your booking number to get to your booking, and you need to choose “cancel”.

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BlaBlaBus app

Travel through Germany

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