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Translation using the camera online from German to Arabic

The giant Google company has had a translation service using the camera online for a very long time,

but the American company revealed in 2019 that it developed the camera translation service through the application “Google Translation”,

where the leading company relies for the first time on the automatic translation by artificial intelligence,

in addition to many New features include automatic language recognition and support for 60 additional languages.

The Google application allows the user to translate writings into the surrounding environment,

such as road signs or menus directly by directing the smartphone camera (Android or iPhone) to the text to be translated.

In the past, the user had to manually select the language to translate,

before Language Detection selected the language, and this feature is displayed when traveling in multilingual regions.

Online camera translation functionality currently supports 60 additional languages,

including Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese, with the full camera translation function currently rising to 88.

The application supports translation using the camera online and offline directly between many languages

​​without relying on English as an intermediate language.

Google app supports more than 100 languages,

but many of them are not fully supported,

and Google translation application can be downloaded using the online camera below for Android and iPhone.

How to use the Google app in translation using the camera online:

To use the Google Translate app with the camera,

you only need to open the “Google Translate” application

and point the smartphone camera to the word or phrase you want to translate,

and the application will translate this phrase into the language you choose.

Certainly in the Arab world,

most Arabs want to use translation using the online camera to translate into Arabic,

which is the language Google has been providing with more support over time.

However, many beginners face many sentences and words that they cannot translate,

sometimes the writing of these sentences on a site or application is very long.

Steps to run the Google translation application using

the camera online
After you’ve downloaded the Google Translate app to your phone,

you can simply use the “Translate with Camera” feature with the following steps:

In the top right of the page,

click on the displayed language

Then choose the language you translate

In the top right of the page, click on the displayed language

Then choose the language you read

Then tap Interpretation, and if not, tap Capture Image

Finally, point the camera at the phrase you want to translate

For reference: If the Arabic language pack is not installed,

the application will ask you to install the package.

Questions and answers about the translation feature using the online camera for Google:

What languages ​​can Arabic be translated into Google Translate?

The languages ​​supported by Google Translate for Arabic translation so far are English and German.

Is translation accuracy using the camera high?

It is normal for any translation that uses the camera over the Internet to be 100% accurate,

but it gives us a satisfying result to understand the general context of speech.

What is the best way to use this feature?

In our view, the best way to use this feature is to translate the images into text.

Note: It is better not to use translation using the Google camera for scientific and research translation purposes.

Download the Google app to translate using the camera online:

Download Google Translate app for Android

Download the Google Translate app for iPhone


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