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The application every day is a German sentence

The application every day is a German sentence is one of the best applications to teach the German language as it has many features and works without the Internet as it contains more than 500 sentences and there.

Also a lot of verbs and adjectives translated into Arabic and you can also be able through this program to memorize a lot of sentences and one of its advantages is that it is always updated continuously for the sentences.

 You can also hear the important sentence to improve your pronunciation, and there are more than 100,000 people use this app on a daily basis.

The application size is very reduced by the size of 4.9 MB and this makes the application fast in response and fast in downloading so that everyone can download it faster than usual, the application is 100% free, and the application is evaluated as suitable for 3 years and this means that it is available to all people.

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All German sections A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 are added

Where the first and second sections have been completed and there is ongoing work on developing and downloading the remaining sections

Section I content A1

Trends “days of the week” “months” numbers “family” pronouns “seasons of the year” personal identification and there are also many verbs

Section A2 content

The kitchen “clothes” past perfect “home” body members “writing letters

Recipe download the application every day German sentence for Android

Applying every day a German sentence is one of the easiest applications in the download process where you can download it from the Play Store or through our website,

and as we know that the German language is one of the most important languages ​​in the world where there are many people who wish to learn it and some find it difficult to learn this language, as for the application Every day is a sentence,

as we talked about,

it is one of the best and most important applications in the mobile, and this will lead you from the level of beginners to the level of proficiency and professionalism in the language,

and all this in a very short time, and through the presentation of sentences on pronunciation.
The content of the application is also divided

To various topics and situations such as greeting, shopping, eating, health, hobbies, etc.

As the application every day a German sentence allows recording the conversation and compare it with the original pronunciation

It is a very useful way to learn and master the German language.

We also know that there are very few job opportunities in our country, and that Germany is one of the most countries in the world that provides job opportunities

As the number of immigrants to Germany reached 16,000 people and this is in 2016

As this number has increased significantly, it reached 57,600,000 Egyptians in Germany

There are approximately 52,000,000 Egyptians who use educational applications in Germany

More than a million requests every year to immigrate to Germany only

Or about the abandonment of European countries to 2.5 million people

As for immigrants in Italy, only 560 thousand people

It occupies the first place, but on the second place, France comes to 365 thousand people

There are 300,000 people in the United States, and 100,000 people in Canada.

In the end, as we said, we must learn the German language because of the increase in job opportunities there,

and in this period specifically, and without a doubt, learning the German language is one of the most difficult language in terms of pronunciation,

but as we know that there is no impossible as the application provides every day a German sentence a lot of features that help you to Master the language and practice it professionally,

and learn pronouns and verbs in practice as well.


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