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Eight best Apps to learn German

With these eight apps, you’ll take the German language classroom with you and practice anywhere. and every single one is free.


This app is meant to assist you to master new vocabulary through flashcards that you simply simply simply can work with any time on your smartphone.

you’ll create your decks or choose between pre-made options sorted by subject.

Anki also can be wont to study German cultural and historical facts the app website boasts that you simply

simply simply can use their app to memorize almost anything.



Another memorization-based app, Memrise was created by Grand Master of Memory Ed Cooke.

The program features a strong social element—you earn points while you learn, can compete against friends,

and rate other user-generated lists.

Memrise also includes thousands of programs, so once you’re finished learning German,

you’ll move onto another subject of interest.


WordPic to learn German

This simple app uses photos to show vocabulary and includes an Instagram model that pulls photos from Instagram

rather than the app’s database to stay things fresh. It can also be used to practice pronunciation.



This app offers vocab training through short multiple-choice exercises.

All German phrases are read aloud by the app to assist with pronunciation

, but the exercises start with phrases instead of individual words and can be overwhelming for absolutely the beginner.

Includes speech recognition and advanced vocabulary.



This app allows users to practice by level (A1-C2), textbook, and theme.

It tracks your learning statistics and includes 22,000 grammar and vocab exercises and over 800 hours of interactive online courses.

within the forum, German teachers can answer questions

and thus the entire course is predicated on the ECU Framework of Reference for Languages.

it’s meant for practice, however, not as the main teaching tool.

MindSnack’s Learn German

This game-based app helps users learn a language through nine games designed to means vocab and conversation.

However, only the primary lesson is free, and it’s only available for Apple devices.

MindSnacks’ Learn German


Busuu could even be a social network designed to suppose language learners, and it includes apps for mobile practice.

Features include practice with native speakers within the network; listening, reading, writing,

and speaking exercises; and regular feedback.

It offers both free and premium (paid) learning models.



No ads, no fees, and a quick and straightforward language course.

Sound too good to be true? Nope. it’s a program called Duolingo,

a corporation whose innovative business concept keeps it relevant, fun, and free.

But the question that inspired Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn to make the service won’t be what you’d expect.



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