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Busuu App best application to learn German

The BUSUU application is the most famous application in the field of learning the German language as more than 1000 people join every day to learn the German language daily and there are more than 80 million users of BUSUU helping each other.

Join now with the BUSUU application to learn German from the native language children and help you in correcting your exercises Oral and writing,

and all this you can help others in the language of your country of origin.

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Why use BUSUU app?

In short, because it is more efficient because you can learn through professors of major universities and not all of this,

everyone in the application helps each other in their linguistic development,

where you can teach others your original language and the correct word exit in exchange for learning any language you want and without any material compensation.

The app makes learning the language you have a very enjoyable thing as you feel the pleasure of your travel and know a lot about people who live in Germany

and learn about the customs and traditions of each city and you can get to know them and befriend them to help you live in Germany and get to know a lot in the city as there are more than 300 A thousand Arab people in 2016 learned through the application

and got to know friends and help them to travel and learn about the city’s landmarks and all this through learning only,

and this is what makes the BUSUU application distinct from the rest of the applications that teach the German language. Come join with people who enjoy learning the language.


    Define a placement test where you can determine the difficulty of the level you want to start with if you have little experience
    Accredited certificate from McGraw-Hill Education Institution

    Receive help anytime, anywhere with native speakers and correct your language exercise

    Special training for the city tone you want to visit and special exercises for speech recognition

    Integrated courses as there are more than 150 different units for each language

    Grammar Correct instructions for grammar
    It works without an internet connection where you can learn without an internet connection or resort to any grammar rule whenever you want

    A special section for support and accepting the complaint. In case you were exposed to any problem, the matter will be very easy. You can go to the complaint department or comments,

or while you have a point of view in developing a specific matter, you can contact them to improve your service.

    There are additional services for the academy and business that are distinguished in this application only where you can learn languages ​​to increase the ability of your employees and if it is an academic you can teach your students

and there is a specialized section to inquire about this subject you will find inside the application BUSUU.

If your agenda is crowded, you can learn at any time

And any place where you can learn in just 10 minutes of your day

In your breaks there is also an advantage within the official website of the application

It is the advantage of learning through music and movies

Where there are music groups specialized in teaching the German language

And films translated in all languages ​​of the world to strengthen your pronunciation,

There are language courses, which are short lessons for daily life

The app teaches you all the languages ​​of the world like German and Russian

And certainly English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian and Spanish

This is difficult to have in one application

This is what distinguishes the BUSUU app because it brings you all the languages ​​of the world

And it helps you help others, helps you develop the rules

And with ordinary people and academic people, let’s enjoy all these benefits. Download the app now.


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