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The best 5 free apps for learning German

Too busy to enhance your language skills? Here are the apps which will assist you to fit learning German into your lifestyle.

Learning a language can desire an enormous task, but with the growing popularity of learning apps, technology is making it easier to urge to grips with German.

You do not need to commit huge amounts of your time to select up vocabulary and phrases – with some apps,

just 10 minutes each day during your commute will gradually increase your language skills.

Here are our 5 favorite apps for Deutsch Lernen, all of which are liberal to download on both the App Store and Google Play.


This dictionary app which stems from linguee.com boasts a comprehensive German/English dictionary,

which is additionally available in several other languages. It allows you to look with words and short phrases and provides multiple translation options.

Example sentences and external sources also are always provided, supplying you with a glimpse at how the words are utilized in various contexts.

All of the dictionary entries even have recordings for pronunciation,

and you’ll even download the dictionaries for the subsequent time you’re stuck on your U-Bahn commute, sans WiFi.

A fun bonus: if you search a word, the app will crop up with a notification a couple of days later asking you if you remember the interpretation.

this is often great for creating sure that you simply actually remember the words you’ve got looked for.

It is neat and therefore the interface is straightforward to use, with no adverts. a must-have app for anyone learning German.

Der Die Das

Just as the title suggests, Der Die Das is an app focused on learning the German articles.

it’s a really basic interface but fulfills its mission perfectly. Through an inquiry function, you’ll enter a word to seek out its gender.

A grammatical rules page also outlines the articles and rules which may assist you to learn them.

If you ambitiously aim to find out several articles directly, the ‘Game’ tab helps you memorize them.

Simply select your German ability level then flick through an inventory of words, either your list or a randomly generated one,

selecting the article for every word. the wrong answers then enter the subsequent round,

and this continues until you’ve got completed all of them correctly.

This app is extremely simple, but perfect for both those that are just starting with German, also as those that have already got a complicated ability.


An extremely popular learning app available in multiple languages. you opt what percentage minutes each day you want to commit,

then undertake a placement test or start from scratch as a beginner.

albeit you’re taking the test, the teachings are often fairly easy, although you’ll skip through sections by doing further tests. due to this,

Duolingo is perhaps the simplest bet for beginners or those with only a little knowledge of German.

Its huge user base shows that it’s a reasonably effective app and, if used a day, is sure to improve your language skills.

Arguably, the online-based Duolingo is simpler for learning, but to plan to this you’d need to put aside a while reception with a computer.

The apps remain an honest solution for on-the-go learning.

There are adverts, but they’re not particularly intrusive. A pro-version upgrade is additionally available but not necessary.


Also, a really popular app that allows you to find out multiple languages through the utilization of colorful flashcards.

you’ll choose one among the seven German levels then begin. The flashcards contain both text and pictures,

but also make use of short video clips to enhance your listening skills. there’s also user-generated content available,

which provides an outsized base of flashcards – for instance,

a group of the 5000 most often used German words or sets geared towards certain language examinations.

It is a repetitive system, but it’s effective – Memrise claims to possess strong science behind their way of learning.

it’s an excellent app for learning vocab and phrases regardless of what your language level, but once more there’s more content for beginners.

The app has no adverts but does push the pro-version app to upgrade fairly regularly.

Der Tagesspiegel

The German newspaper’s app may be a great free resource for practicing your German reading comprehension.

it’s an especially good option for those with advanced German. There are many news articles within the app and for the primary month,

you’ll also download digital copies of the newspaper, also totally kostenlos.

It is not only an excellent thanks to improving your German, but you’ll also fill yourself in German news and culture.

albeit you’ve got only been learning German for a touch while, it’s still an efficient thanks to familiarizing yourself with the language and find new vocabulary and phrases.

Perhaps you’ll challenge yourself to read one article a day?

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