Learn German without forgetting with Memrise App

The MEMRISE app is one of the applications that you enjoy learning through many languages,

and the application contains entertainment content mixed with the learning system so that you enjoy learning and learning faster and more clearly,

from the languages ​​that you can learn through the application, French languages, German language,

Korean language and Spanish language and Swedish and Turkish are sure to learn English.

What is the MEMRISE App?

  It is your own application on your journey around the world where you can learn with more than 30 million people willing

and involved in learning and the application provides you with a service to talk to people where you can talk online or watch videos of speakers in many languages

​​and there are more than 30 thousand videos on the application to help you In learning all languages ​​and you will not find these features in any other application

as the application helps you in developing your language skills well through many tasks such as learning through video games and they are easy to use games

and its main goal is to improve the language you want to learn and also we talked about private videos By applying and The goal of both of them is to develop

and improve the language you want to learn. The MEMRISE language learning app has become very easy and enjoyable.
In-app tools to learn world languages

    You will learn the language through speakers and real people who help you learn the language from the heart of their country on a daily basis and every day new phrases through them

    A very large games library for learning languages, training in correct pronunciation,

developing your good listening skills and difficult pronunciation of words, and this is in the context of the review for what you have learned

    There is a complete guide for correct pronunciation that will help you speak correctly like locals and this by recording your own pronunciation and local pronunciation and comparing your pronunciation with the pronunciation of local people

    There is also an offline mode, which makes it easy to learn, as you can learn at any time and any place that is suitable for you

    With MEMRISE, you can define your daily goals as you wish. You can learn 100 words per day or 500 words per day, all as you wish, or how well you understand the words.

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What to learn with the MEMRISE app

With the app you can learn from experts who work inside the app

The role of linguists and developers is to prepare simple language games

And fun for the user that everyone can access

Anyone can learn from them at any age and the age of learning starts from 3 years

And in-app courses help children more

Because children are the most loved people of games

This does not mean that the application is limited to children only

It is designed for adults because they are more accommodating than children

It has many distinct tasks that help you understand many phrases and words.
App-specific permissions

That’s where you have to allow him some permissions to enable some features

That are inside the app

For example, you may need permission to access the microphone to be able to record some phrases with your voice

And also some other permissions, although you do not want this

You can also remove these permissions from the counters in your mobile phone

And there is additional information that you should be aware of

You will need a subscription to the app

So you can enjoy all the benefits that are inside the application

Benefits and courses may vary depending on the language of your mobile phone.

When purchasing the service, it is automatically renewed unless you cancel it

You can cancel the subscription or pay the subscription through your account on Google Play Store.

You can download it through Google Play Store or App Store for iPhone