Learn German for free with the MONDLY app

Free German learning application (MONDLY) is one of the best applications for learning the German language where you can learn the language through only 5 minutes a day, MONDLY application is the ideal and fastest solution.

 This application can teach you the German language and basic German phrases for conversations. This application is characterized by the interpretation of the most common phrases and also many lessons in learning German grammar and also is one of the best applications to help children learn the language.

Why MONDLY app

German learning application for free MONDLY through which you can learn completely free German sentences and phrases with many lessons available to everyone through the Internet and this application is one of the effective applications for beginners to study verbs, phrases and pronunciation like the Germans.

How to learn German through the MONDLY app

German way of learning through this application, as this application includes hundreds of words

The basic phrases have a completely different approach than any other application, which is the opposite of traditional language lessons

The application starts by teaching you the conversations between you and other people after learning the basic words

And start to create phrases and phrases for each form 45 minutes

And at the end of each form you can repeat all these sentences with your voice, and this is one of the easiest effective ways to learn the German language

There are a few things that make MONDLY a free German learning app special for you

He knows how to hear basic German words and phrases to make it easier for you to pronounce them

There is inside the application you evaluate while your evaluation is bad you have to review the words

The correct pronunciation of it will be very clear and this will improve your evaluation and make you enthusiastic about more lessons

The application includes realistic sentences that have already occurred together with other people. Keeping words in any language is the ideal solution, but in the case of the German language this solution is very bad.

The German learning application for free MONDLY teaches you all the German vocabulary that offers you basic words and phrases, the application breaks the educational routine barrier because within the application there are short lessons where it does not make language learning boring for you and places them in groups under a different classification.

We all know that the best way to learn any language is conversations with people so that it is easy for you to do and the application will help you learn the basics of German vocabulary with the names and verbs that we use on our day
Language conjugations

If you are one of those who want to learn German for free

Learn more on this course or consider it a free course for everyone.

Just click the German verbs button inside the application

You will get all discharges on the screen of your phone

This application will also help you in translation and is the perfect solution from the dictionary and certainly you will dispense with the dictionary completely

Your stats

Free German learning application MONDLY presents your statistics daily

This is under your own desire as you can make it on a weekly basis

These statistics help you know your progress step by step

And you can follow the progress and what you learned in your day and this is rarely found in the mobile applications, but this application is distinguished by it

Where you can also through this application (learn German for free) follow

And share with your friends all your progress and them

Where you can compete and meet many people around the world to improve the language

You feel distinguished from others and do not forget to take the weekly test

This improves your language and makes you more confident when you speak German.
Adaptive learning

We also know that learning the German language differs from person to person as this application is designed to follow up the way you learn so that it becomes your ideal guide and your teacher only.

How to download Mondly App

you can download the app from Google Play Store if you phone is Android

but if your phone is Iphone you must to download it from App Store

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